Legislative Goals


Save lives. Save jobs with the Safe Autonomous Vehicles Everywhere Act.

Lowering Property Taxes Through School Funding Reform

Illinois is by far the worst state in the nation for school funding, relying about 73% on local property taxes. In stark contrast, local property taxes only account for approximately 5% of school funding in Vermont and Hawaii. We can and we must do better funding our schools.

Enhancing Consumer Privacy Through “Opt-In” Rather than the Current “Opt-Out” Policies

The problem with all existing consumer privacy laws is that they are opt-out. That puts the burden on the consumer to protect their own private data. We need opt-in legislation establishing that a consumer’s personal data is the exclusive property of the consumer and as such would make it unlawful to sell a consumer’s data for profit without the consumer’s explicit consent.

Right to Food

If you grow it in your yard, you should be able to sell it.

Affordable Housing

Hard working families need an affordable ‘roof over their heads.’

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