Peter Janko is currently the elected Democratic State Central Committeeman representing the 14th Congressional District.

The primary goal of the a State Central Committee member is to help get good candidates elected and help neighbors partner together to get involved. Peter "Pete" Janko was elected to this office in March of 2018 and has already been hard at work to fulfill this goal.

Peter Janko, has led a life of community service and activism, with the solid family values he was raised with. From a young age Peter has been passionate about making the world a better place. A war refugee from Germany, Peter was brought to the United States at the age of 4 on a converted troop ship; an arduous journey that taught him valuable lessons about what being an American really means, from the start.

As a teenager, Peter was involved in the civil rights movement, and the ecology movement (as environmentalism was known at the time). Peter has lived in Marengo since 1989. He is married  and has two grown children. Peter has a business background in Small Business Ownership, Engineering, and Restorative Architecture. He also sits on the Board of Directors of a national non-profit organization founded to provide education, networking and outreach for the traditional building trades.

Peter has been passionate about extending access to transportation in more rural areas. Peter was very active in the push to run an Amtrak line out to Rockford and is currently applying that same energy to get Amtrak to run to Huntley. When elected, Peter will put forth legislation that puts the people over profits, fighting the undue and corrupt influence of special interests.

Peter has a proven track record of being able to work across the aisle successfully. His goals when he takes office are to stabilize and lower property taxes, Providing more interconnectivity with the state’s major economic engine, Chicago, and thereby increasing higher paying job opportunities, and fighting the “Dollar Store Economy” that has been stagnant in this district for far too long. Economic development is Peter’s top priority!

Peter’s door is always open! For government to be truly successful at improving people’s lives, Peter believes it first must be accessible. That’s why Peter can easily be found walking door to door, attending local parades, picnics, union meetings and rallies among many other things. Peter believes we need to get back to the day when elected officials were available, face to face, known and accountable to the people!

Community Service and Advocacy

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Facebook Group: Amtrak 2 Huntley
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Would you like to get involved in our campaign, but still aren't sure where to start? Drop Pete a line and he will respond with some upcoming events and ideas for you to consider.

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