Here to Serve

The primary goal of the a State Central Committee member is to help get good candidates elected and help neighbors partner together to get involved. Peter "Pete" Janko was elected to this office for the 14th Congressional District in March of 2018 and has already been hard at work to fulfill this goal.

This site is a part of this plan to help you better understand how Pete and the Democratic Party of Illinois can serve you as we move forward toward the November general elections and beyond.Get involved with the candidate of your choice to help them win and help do your part to move Illinois forward.

Community Service and Advocacy

Facebook Page: Pete 4 Illinois
YouTube Channel: Pete 4 Illinois
Hashtag: #pete4illinois

Facebook Page: Preservation.Trades.Network
Facebook Group: PTN Members Group

Facebook Page: Metra 2 DeKalb
Facebook Group: Metra 2 DeKalb
YouTube Channel: Metra 2 DeKalb
Hashtag: #metra2dekalb

Next Steps...

Would you like to get involved, but still aren't sure where to start? Drop Pete a line and he will respond with some upcoming events and ideas for you to consider.