What Can You Expect from Peter Janko in Springfield?

I have been putting my influence as your elected State Central Committeeman to good use. Last year, several local activists joined the 30 year effort to restore passenger rail service to the area. Our advocacy played a significant role in securing $275 million dollars in state funding to establish Chicago-to-Rockford Amtrak passenger service, which will bring “Green New Deal” type jobs to Northern Illinois as well as pave the way for METRA service to Huntley and Marengo.

Amtrak 2 Huntley Citizen Action Group

Peter is currently applying that same energy to accelerate the project and to help make sure that we get a stop in Huntley as was promised. He continues to “watchdog” the project to assure transparency and prioritization in the best interests of the public.

Peter’s Legislative Goals:

  • Lowering property taxes through school funding reform. Illinois is by far the worst state in the nation for school funding, relying about 73% on local property taxes. In stark contrast, local property taxes only account for approximately 5% of school funding in Vermont and Hawaii.
  • I will introduce and fight for the toughest Consumer Privacy legislation in the US. The legislation will establish that a consumer’s personal data is the exclusive property of the consumer. It would make it unlawful to sell a consumer’s data for profit without the consumer’s explicit consent. It would prohibit and nullify any default or automatic “right to sell your personal data” clauses in user agreements.
  • Fight for the right of all workers to unionize and will fight to stop unfair labor practices such as wage theft, especially employers cheating workers out of overtime pay.

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