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The put it plainly, the main duties of a State Central Committeeman or Committeewoman are to:

  • Recruit candidates to run for office
  • Help candidates get elected
  • Be the liaison between the Democratic Party of Illinois and the local parties in Congressional District 14

Each district elects two people to be on the State Central Committee – one man to be Committeeman and one woman to be Committeewoman.

Duties of the SCC

The formal duties and powers of the Central Committee are spelled out in the DSCC Bylaws as follows:

“The principal duties and powers of the Central Committee include the following:

  • To maintain state headquarters of the Democratic Party in Springfield, Illinois;
  • To conduct the state campaign for the election of the presidential and vice presidential nominees of the National Convention;
  • To promote, and aid and assist in, the election of all candidates for public office on the ticket of the Democratic Party in all general elections in the State;
  • To promote, encourage and sponsor: Party organization at every level; an adequate system of political research, preparation, distribution and communication of Party information in and through all available media; development and maintenance of proper public relations for the Party; cooperation and co ordination among all Party Committees, organizations, groups, public officials and members; enlistment and assignment of Party members as speakers for Party, non partisan and other meetings or programs; the performance and the discharge and fulfillment by the Party of its platform pledges and other commitments publicly made;
  • To devise and execute ways and means of financing all activities and to cooperate and work with other segments of Party organization at national and local levels in the development of an integrated and coordinated finance plan for the Party;
  • To plan, arrange, manage and conduct the State Convention, including, but not limited to, the following:
    1. Fixing the time and site thereof,
    2. All physical arrangements;
    3. Ensure proper credentialing of all duly appointed delegates;
    4. Arrangements for seating delegates, alternates, press, radio, television representatives and visitors;
    To adopt such resolutions and memorials as required to implement the platform of the State convention;
  • To establish, maintain and sponsor such committees, groups, staffs or councils for the formulation of Party policy, as the Central Committee may consider wise and beneficial to the Party;
    To inaugurate, maintain and operate an organized plan of improvement of the Democratic Party; and
  • To do any and all other things reasonably incidental to the performance and exercise of the duties imposed and powers conferred by State law or by the State Convention and in promoting the principles and programs of the Democratic Party.”

When I look back at the various activities that I have been involved in, I came to the interesting realization that I had been more or less soft campaigning for this position and that I have been doing much of the duties in (3) and (4) of this position already. I figure, why not make it official?

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