Getting into Politics

Building a stronger Democratic Party.

For Peter, just being a legislator is just not good enough to win the battle for working families.  It takes a coalition within government to bring about any real policy change. To that end, he has given significant time and support to the campaigns of over a dozen candidates since 2018 alone, ranging from Presidential and Congressional candidates to County Clerk and County Board candidates.  He has used his time on the Democratic State Central Committee to build bridges with many of the state leaders who had originally opposed his campaign changing their perceptions of progressive, grassroots candidates.

Peter understands the needs of the 63rd because he listens to people! That’s why Peter can easily be found walking door to door, attending local events, picnics, union meetings and actions among many other things. This primary season will see Peter knocking on doors in the 69th for the fourth time:

First for his own Democratic State Central Committeeman race and a slate of candidates.

Second as one of the “super volunteers” who helped deliver a victory for Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and several other Democrats.

Third collecting signatures for his State Representative race as well as signatures for a number of other 2020 candidates.

Together we can transform the Democratic Party into one that works for all of us.

On June 28th, re-elect Peter Janko to the Democratic State Central Committee
(due to the recent redistricting, Peter is now in the 11th Congressional District)

On November 8th, vote for Peter Janko for State Representative 69th District
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PO Box 21, Marengo, IL 60152
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