Five Decades of Standing with Women

Peter Janko has been fighting for women’s causes for over 50 years.

Peter Janko fights for Womens Rights 1

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I believe that Medicare for All is the only way to assure that ALL women, and not just those that can afford it, receive the healthcare that women, children, and men need.

Peter Janko is leader and co-founder of Medicare for All Northern Illinois, an education and outreach chapter of Our Revolution.

Peter believes that no one should die or go bankrupt because they cannot afford proper healthcare.

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I believe that women want and need good, well paying jobs and that they deserve to be compensated equally as a man performing the same job.

Peter Janko has been fighting for women’s equality for over five decades. Peter believes that labor unions have been on the forefront of pay equity for women. Fighting for worker’s rights is fighting for women.

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Peter Janko fights for Workers Rights 3

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I believe that the women with the greatest healthcare challenges tend to be minorities and immigrants.

I am a war refugee who was brought to the United States at the age of 4 on a converted troop ship. I have experienced first-hand anti-immigrant discrimination and harassment as a young child growing up in Chicago. Even so, I cannot begin to imagine what today’s immigrants and refugees go through, as when I arrived, they did not put kids in cages. Never forgetting that we are all immigrants, Peter fights for immigrant rights.

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