Covid Hits Close to Home

Time to Get Tested.

I am over 65, and my wife and our two adult children are essential workers. This means that our entire household is considered high risk for catching the Covid-19 virus.,

On May 10, my daughter was sent home sick by her employer, a fast food restaurant in Crystal Lake. The next day, she and my wife (a senior home care provider) went to get tested for Covid at the IDPH Rockford Drive-Through Testing Facility. Thankfully, both tested negative.

Less than two weeks later, on May 20, my daughter was notified by her employer that a coworker from the same shift had tested positive for COVID-19. Her employer advised all employees that worked that day to get tested. The next day, our entire household was tested. While all of us received negative results, another employee from that shift tested positive. The roommate of the original COVID-19 positive employee, who works at another fast food restaurant in Crystal Lake, tested positive as well.

1-2-3 Testing, 1-2-3 Testing

Our household arrived at the UIC Rockford testing location 16 minutes after it opened. There were no lines. In fact, when we got to the test tent, the only other car with people being tested was just finishing up. The whole experience (checking in, getting interviewed, and getting tested) only took about 15 minutes.

Less than two weeks before Illinois is moving into the next phase of reopening Illinois, here in Rockford, it looks like very few people are getting tested even though it's free and no doctor referral or symptoms are required.

It begs the question, "If tests are available to everyone and few people are taking advantage of them, how do we know what the true percentange of people infected? All of the projections that were made are pretty much based on test results of first responders, health care workers, and people with symptoms so they are heavily biased and not a true reflection of the population in whole.

Not all tests are the same.

Different testing locations have different tests. The UIC Rockford testing site uses the Nasal Self-Swab Test.

It is not the most pleasant experience. I feels weird but doesn't hurt. After doing the test myself (under supervision), I am glad it was me shoving the swab up both nostrils rather than a health care worker. Results take 4-7 days.

To help save lives and for your own peace of mind, please get tested today at a testing location near you. Please encourage your friends and family to also get tested.

COVID-19 Testing Sites

State of Illinois Community-Based Testing Sites. Open to all regardless of symptoms.

In Rockford...

UIC Health Sciences Campus

1601 Parkview Ave
Rockford, IL 61107
8 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily or while supplies last.

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