Mazyar Hedayat

Candidate Will County Board District 5

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Who am I?

My name is Mazyar Hedayat. I have strong business, professional, and personal ties to Will County. I have been a lawyer and businessman here for 20 years.

My wife and I lived and raised our family in Plainfield, where our son attended the Plainfield public schools from K through 12.

In addition to being a practicing Attorney, I proudly serve as Democratic Committeeman for the 25th Precinct. As a lawyer I have seen Clients through tough times; and these are hard times for many Americans. But I am not a politician. I am a citizen who wants to make our County better. That starts with listening.

Why am I running?

Overally, I want to ensure that community values guide County government – not the values of money men or bullies. In every state, county, town and school where they have inserted themselves, the Republicans squeez communities to serve themselves and their cronies. Will County is fortunate to be the transportation hub of Northern Illinois, with national compnies like Diagio, Amazon, and more jockying for a place at our table. Let’s make sure that the prosperity benfits all of us.

What do I hope to accomplish?

I want to vote for projects and funding that benefits the most people in our community in the most sustainable way:

  • Infrastructure: roads, buildings, public works
  • Healthcare: after all, it’s a right, not a privilege
  • Schools: Education is the key to good citizenship
  • Jobs: Everybody should be able to find dignified work
  • Community: We all have a responsibility to each other

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