David Simpson

Candidate for State Senate in the 45th District candidatedavidsimpson

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David Simpson. A regular guy!

At a time when career politicians continue the same old politics and the same old ways, all at the expense of the middle class, David Simpson is deciding to take a different approach. David is promising to be an independent voice for Illinois’ middle class, promising to work across the aisle to pass a budget, create jobs, stand up for our veterans. And with the help of our great unions, help the economy work for all families.

David was born in DeKalb Illinois. Learning from his parents at an early age the importance of hard work, community and helping others.

David moved to the Shabbona-Lee area 20 years ago while pursuing a career in Real Estate sales, and developed an appreciation on important community issues. David isn’t afraid of taking on the tough issues that focus around being from a small community.

While working as a real estate agent David met and fell in love with his eventual wife Jill. They have two kids Elise and Jonathan Holbrook. Elise is a Elemetary teacher in the Milwaukee area with her husband Tyler. And Jonathan is currently in the US Air Force where he currently serves with his wife Nicole.

David eventually left the Real Estate sales to pursue a career in woodworking until a car accident forced a change back to the sales force.

David will be honored to be elected by the voters of Illinois 45th Senate District in 2018 and will consider it a privilege to represent the people of Northwest Illinois.

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