Personal PAC spent over $20,000.00 on two deceptive mailers in the Illinois House District 63 Democratic Primary. The question is why?

I have spent most of my life simply fighting for what is right. Although I am mostly seen as being an activist on social issues, I have also been a staunch advocate for ethics and anti-corruption fighter.

I take no pleasure in calling out an organization that I had previously believed had an impeccable record of fighting for women’s rights. First, let me make it clear that Personal PAC is free to endorse any candidate it wants. I take no issue with who personal PAC endorses. But this post is not about that. This post questions the proper stewardship of donor contributions by Personal PAC.

Personal PAC spent $20,339 to send out not one, but two very misleading mailers in the Illinois 63 Democratic Primary clearly intended to scare voters into believing that a vote for anyone but my opponent is a vote against women’s rights. Personal PAC, intentionally or not, tarnished my reputation and leaves me no choice but to publicly set the record straight.

The Real Facts

FACT: The Illinois 63rd House District Democratic primary election WILL NOT “determine if abortion remains safe and legal in Illinois”

FACT: The Illinois 63rd House District Democratic primary election WILL NOT “determine if reproductive health care is protected in Illinois”

FACT: The Illinois 63rd House District Democratic primary election WILL NOT “determine if Planned Parenthood can continue to provide Illinois women with the health care they need and deserve”

FACT: Republican Steve Reick is the current State Representative. He ran unopposed in the March 17th Primary. It is the November 3rd General Election that is critical to women’s reproductive rights.

FACT: Neither Democratic candidate is the incumbent. So, If the two candidates in the Democratic Primary are Peter Janko, a women’s right activist for 5 decades, and Personal PAC’s endorsed candidate, it would appear that women’s rights are not in jeopardy in the March 17th primary as Personal PAC tries to mislead voters into believing.

FACT:  Every dollar spent on misleading mailers in the March 17th Primary is a dollar that will not be there actually protecting women’s reproductive rights and healthcare against incumbent Republican Steve Reick in the November 3rd General Election, where it actually counts.

Some Disturbing Facts

Personal PAC interfered in the four Illinois House races (IL41, IL63, IL65, and IL66 ) where there were no incumbent to protect and at least according to the candidates’ websites and posts on their Facebook pages, none are anti-choice candidates. But where things get really interesting is in my IL House District 63 race.

Questions Regarding Personal PAC’s Motivations

Why would Personal PAC take such spend such an extraordinary amount of money against a candidate who has been a Women’s Equality and Women’s Rights activist for 50 years?

Why would Personal PAC take such spend such an extraordinary amount of money against a lifetime Democrat who works hard helping to build a stronger Democratic Party?

And an even bigger question is why would Personal PAC side against the elected Democratic State Central Committeeman of the 14th Congressional District who was one of Congresswoman Lauren Underwood‘s super volunteers in the 2020 primary and the 2018 General Election?

Finally, Personal PAC sent questionnaires to all of the candidates to fill out and return. Not only did I return my filled out questionnaire by mail but also emailed a scanned copy to Terry Cosgrove, president and CEO of Personal PAC.

There was only one question for non-incumbents that asked for a written answer. That was Question 29: For non-incumbents only. What will be your highest priorities, if any, in your first term concerning issues of reproductive health?”

And here was my answer:Reproductive Rights” is in my platform for State Representative (website and campaign literature). As the elected Democratic State Central Committeeman for the 14th Congressional District, I already know and work with many legislators at both the state and federal levels. This means that even as a newly elected State Representative, I can jump in immediately with both feet and start doing what needs to be done.

I have also been an activist for decades. I am leader/co-founder of Medicare for All Northern Illinois (an events based chapter of Our Revolution). Through those activities, I have come to know many of the local activists from women’s, LGBTQ, and immigrant rights groups. So I would like to also play a “bridge” role between the activist community and the legislature.

If neither Democratic candidate appears to be anti-choice and neither Democratic candidate is the incumbent, why didn’t Personal PAC stay neutral in the primary, wait to see who wins, and save over $20,000 of precious donor contributions for use in the general election where it could have been used help unseat the Republican incumbent Steve Reick?

Reick went unopposed by Democrats in 2018. In his 2016 race, he received $982,534.70 from the House Republican Organization, $81309.92 from the Illinois Republican Party, and $53534.62 from the Illinois House Victory Fund. Reick received $1057228.35 from just three Republican Committees for his 2016 race against Democrat Democrat John M. Bartman. Reick crushed Bartman 56.47% to 43.53%. Yet Personal PAC has $20,339 it can afford to squander in a “red district” 2020 Democratic Primary?

Source: Illinois Sunshine by Reform for IllinoisCitizens to Elect Steven Reick

Source:  Illinois Sunshine by Reform for IllinoisPeople for Brian Sager


… to be continued

If you are wondering, like I am, why Personal PAC spent thousands of dollars putting out two deceptive mailers, you may contact… Terry Cosgrove, President and CEO
Phone: (312) 422-0005
Email: Personal PAC
134 N La Salle St. Suite 2040
Chicago, IL 60602

For questions regarding this post, contact:
Peter Janko, Candidate for State Representative 63rd House District 2022
‪Phone: (779) 548-2962