Andrew “Drew” Georgi

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I have been part of the McHenry County Democratic Party for over 15 years working on election campaigns from the Federal, State, and local levels learning about election laws in doing so. 
Honor, Integrity and Service
I am a military veteran who served honorably in the United States Marine Corps holding the rank of Sergeant, taking on duty assignments that regularly put me in harm’s way. I was awarded meritorious service for his work in management experience and leading a team within his division for quality control excellence. Battles are lost and won by logistics and I have led with integrity and commitment to upholding our values.

I am no stranger to conflict and doing what’s right. I have kept up with that ideal and pursued a career in Quality Control as a system and process analyst. This means I have a keen insight into data integrity and security, having actually done the necessary work myself.

I have served this county as a dedicated member of the Democratic Party, helping to grow membership and engagement to bring a voice to the ideals of the party for neighbors across the county. I have also led by example and held elected offices. Most recently I served as a Trustee of Hebron, a village racked by scandal and financial difficulty brought on, in part, by elected Republicans who chose to put their personal interests above those of the public good.

I have pushed for expanded intergovernmental agreement programs to lower joint purchasing expenses, labor and equipment costs, and help reduce taxes across the county. As a professional with over 20 years of experience in quality control engineering, I have the deep understanding of exactly how to secure vital equipment and transfer procedures, testing data integrity, and training a team to deliver consistent high results, all vital to preserving the integrity of our vote.

I am a proven leader with the necessary skills to ensure the Clerk’s duties are improved to the level we deserve. I have already created the tools and resources for transparency that the Clerk’s office has long neglected. I also know how the process should work, no second guessing.

I know exactly what is at stake here in our county: Transparency, integrity of our voter rolls, and access to the right to vote for all eligible voters is paramount. I will protect our right to vote!

​As Hebron Village Trustee, I spoke out against corruption and the repeated drug arrests by our village president while the rest of village board said nothing. I am not afraid to speak out, even when others won’t.

– I will protect voting integrity for McHenry County

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